Tariq Ehsan

Mr. Tariq Ehsan, Vice President of Arch Systems brings mature business skills, customer service and analytical capabilities. At a very young age, Mr. Ehsan became Director of Phillips and Jones Surgical, a 75 year old surgical instruments company. He visited many Asian countries and learned marketing skills in a hands-on way. His experiences add immense value to the Arch Team as he is able to work with each and every member of the staff. Mr. Ehsan has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Murray College and Business Analysis Fundamentals from the International Institute of Learning. Mr. Ehsan has been incredibly supportive of his wife, Ms. Vini Ehsan in promoting her skills and capabilities as President of Arch Systems. Tariq has been working and supporting Mrs. Ehsan on a host of CMS projects. Recently, he attended the Lean methodologies training (Kaizen) provided by CMS.

Well-known in the community, he is a great asset in recruiting qualified staff. His compassion to do good in the community has provided him a respectable and reputable position in society. He brings this vision into the Arch family. Additionally, Mr. Ehsan is active on the projects, accounting, marketing and administrative departments of Arch Systems. Mr. Ehsan has a passion for cricket and leads the Washington Cricket Club as the Captain of the Star Cricket Team.

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