Software Developer Job Posting

Job Title: Software Developer/ Applications

Job Description:

Candidate will be involved in Requirements Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Deployment and Support. Skill set which comprising of Technical expertise on Application Design, Profiling, Architectural Assessment having technologies Java J2EE, Java Script, DB2, Eclipse, RAD, WAS Oracle Middleware Tools, Oracle Database, SQL Programming and IT Security Architecture knowledge and also will aid the projects to continuously improve their software processes. Some of the important day to day activities of the candidate would include:

Tasks and Activities:

  • Requirement Analysis: Analyze the business and application requirements (both functional and non-functional) by reviewing the specifications and inputs from Business Analysts.
  • High Level Design and Detailed Design: Perform High Level Design and the Detailed design as per the requirements and document them as per the processes.
  • Development and Unit Testing: Develop code and document artifacts including unit test plans and ensure that the output is as per the given specifications.
  • Integration and System Testing: Perform testing activities (Functional, Integration, System, User experience) based on the plans and in line with defined processes.
  • Deployment: Prepare the Deployment plan and work on Deployment activities as per the Implementation Plan


A bachelors degree in a Computer Science or Information Systems. Strong attention to detail. Proven proficiency in Requirements Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Deployment and Support. Intermediate or higher level skills required. Must be self-motivated, results driven and have proven success as an individual contributor and a track record of strong teamwork and collaboration. Proven strong project management, organizational, and decision making skills. Experience in proposal or grant writing and advanced knowledge of the various procedures and paperwork required for opportunity qualification, contract negotiations and procurement is a plus!

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