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Period of
Centers for
Medicaid and
Medicare Services
Mary Scott
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$7,500,000 12/17/15-
Y Prime

Description of Services/Supplies

Arch Systems provides technical support for the Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Learning Management (LM) and Product Fulfillment System; Collecting and maintaining user data and registration; Hosting web-based training courses; Hosting a test environment where web-based training courses can be tested prior to going live. Arch also provide troubleshooting and assisting MLN users for those issues MLN staff are unable to resolve. We maintain a pre-production site for pilot testing of web-based training courses. There is also maintenance of a live site for learner access to the Learning Management and Product Ordering System and Product fulfillment services include maintaining inventory, packaging and mailing MLN products to health care professionals.

Services include: (1) technical support for the MLN Learning Management System; (2) Collecting and maintaining user data and registration; (3) Hosting web-based training courses (4) Hosting a web-based test environment; (5) Troubleshooting and assisting MLN users for those issues MLN staff are unable to resolve; (6) Maintain a pre-production site for the pilot testing of web-based training courses; (7) Maintain a live site for learner access to the Learning Management and Product Ordering System (POS); and (8) Product fulfillment services include maintaining inventory, packaging and mailing MLN products to health care professionals.

Several key objectives to this project are to meet, fulfill and exceed the needs of the seven task areas with the MLN. These area are: Task 1 – Hosting Platform; Task 2 – Hosting Service; Task 3 – Technical Support; Task 4 – Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Product Fulfillment; Task 5 – Monthly Status and Cost Report; Task 6 – Annual Self-Assessment Report; and Task 7 – Work Plan. Each area is broken out broken below.

Task Areas of Relevancy

1. IT Services for Biomedical Research or Healthcare;
3. Imaging;
4. Outsourcing;
5. IT Operations and Maintenance;
6. Integration Services
7. Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance;
8. Digital Government;
10. Software Development

Relevancy Explanation

Size – NAICS 541511 comprises establishments primarily engaged in writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer. For a small business contract over $10 million, this project represents adequate size standard for task orders under $27.5 million for CIO-SP3

Scope – CMS created the Medicare Learning Network (MLN). The MLN is the products, services and activities that CMS and its MACs undertake to reach out to the health care professional community. The MLN includes web-based training courses and publications which are available to health care. Under this task order, Arch Systems provides product fulfillment services, hosting services, and technical support services for the MLN’s Learning Management and Product Ordering System. Arch meets the MLN seven task areas in the following ways:

Task 1 – Hosting Platform: Arch provides servers capable of hosting the current MLN LM/POS, which includes: 1) Platform/Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 (Application server); SQL Server 2008 R2 (Database)Platform/Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 (Application server); SQL Server 2008 R2 (Database); 2) Band Width: Reserved 3MB/S, Burstable 6 MB/S; 3) Programming Language: Microsoft .NET framework 4.0; and 4) Storage: Content storage 200GB, Database storage 200GB

Task 2 - Hosting Service: Arch provides a hosting service for the current inventory of web-based training courses as well as additional new and/or revised web-based training courses as they are developed and/or updated .Web-based training courses are made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a hosting service and database storage for the MLN LM/POS; provide service for up to 5,000 learners simultaneously; maintain a bandwidth – Reserved 3MB/S, Burstable 6 MB/S; provide storage - Content storage 200GB, Database storage 200GB; provide a hosting service meeting all CMS IT standards and security requirements; provide a hosting service that meets all Section 508 compliancy requirements; provide CMS staff with write access to both production and pre-production course files allowing CMS to load and download updated/revised files to production and pre-production through an SFTP site; and revise and maintain web-based training course quantities as needed throughout the life of this contract.

Task 3 - Technical Support: Arch provides technical and troubleshooting support for learners using the MLN Learning Management/ Product Ordering Systems (LM/POS) including help functions. Once we receive requests for various support needs from CMS, our action plan is to respond no later than the next business day after receipt of the learner’s request. Upon request, we follow actions to remedy the issue in a fastidious manner while attempting to not interrupt the day-to-day functions of the team. Under technical support we: (1) maintain the production and pre-production sides of the MLN LM/POS. The pre-production site mirrors the production site and is used to test system changes and new courses; (2) provide customizations to system for learner and administrative functions enhancements; (3) provide a testing site for beta testing and pilot testing of new web-based training courses; 4) prepare all necessary CMS clearance documents such as Office Of Management And Budget (OMB) clearances and CMS IT system security plans; (4) maintain the database containing the information necessary for CMS documentation required as an accredited provider of continuing education; (5) provide evaluation-reporting mechanisms for the existing learning management and product ordering system that will allow CMS to obtain evaluation data. (6) allow CMS or CMS authorized contractors to perform security scans of the system and penetration testing to ensure that the MLN LM/POS complies with CMS security requirements; (7) perform security and system upgrades and system maintenance; (8) perform routine Section 508 compliance testing of the MLN LM/POS (9) provide Ad Hoc Reporting such as (Provide a dedicated reporting database and server; Custom field for data Assist CMS in building and troubleshooting reports on an as needed basis; Mobile Module Licensing; ensuring unlimited users have access; and perform incremental annual maintenance.

Task 4 – Medicare Learning Network® (MLN) Product Fulfillment: Arch stores all MLN products in a facility located within the Baltimore/Washington DC Metropolitan Area where we provide all envelopes, boxes, and all appropriate packing materials and supplies. We also print mailing labels from the MLN LMSPOS and package, address and mail the MLN products.

Task 5 – Monthly Status and Cost Report: Monthly Status Reports are submitted electronically to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), Alternate COR, and Contract Specialist. Arch provides a Monthly Status Dashboard in accordance with our CMMI Level 3 practices.

Task 6 – Annual Self-Assessment Report (SAR): The SAR is also submitted electronically to the COR, Alternate COR, and Contract Specialist, which captures a self-assessment of achievements and deficiencies. Included in the SAR are Quality of Product or Service, Cost Control, Timeliness of Performance, and Business Relations; We provide recommendations for areas that could be improved; Identification of problems not anticipated throughout the year; and Recommendations and insights into resolution of the unanticipated problems.

Task 7 – Work Plan: Arch provides a highly detailed work plan regarding our approach to hosting and maintenance of the MLN Learning Management and Product Fulfillment System. The work plan includes: our approach regarding day-to-day maintenance of the MLN LM/POS as well as our approach to updating the current MLN LM/POS to keep it abreast with technological advancements and timelines for all changes and modification/updates to the MLN.

Complexity – As this is a relatively new project (we are still performing our base year), Arch’s transition into the MLN program as the Prime contractor has been seamless with no interruptions in day-to-day services. There have been no issues/ occurrences for concern. On this contract, Arch performs 8 of the 10 task areas from the CIO-SP3 RFP. The project is complex because there are enhancements scheduled as business needs arise with emergency releases. Arch staff is involved with eight of the service task areas.

Cure Notices or Show Cause Letters – There have been no Cure Notices or Show Cause letters, to date, on this project.

Results Achieved In The Completion Of Actual Contracts And Task Orders - On the MLN project Arch provided guidance on, and accompanied the business owner on, a Technical Review Board (TRB) consultation. This purpose of this consultation was to explain the system architecture and design. The MLN contract is for Operations and Maintenance of the system. The TRB consultation was for analysis of the current design and to plan for the redesign of the system. That entire body of work is beyond the scope of the current contract. This added service positions the business owner to move forward in understanding the current design limitations and deficiencies, and to understand what needs to be considered in the redesign. Our representation of the business owner before the board is provided as a "value added" service.

Arch reviewed the findings recommendations and of the TRB and advised the business owner on how best to bring the system into compliance. These services are normally associated with development/redesign efforts, and were not in the original statement of work. By analyzing the consultation findings and recommendations, Arch was able to assist the business owner develop a plan to move to full compliancy with the agency's Technical Reference Architecture (TRA).

Arch is working with the business owner's team to navigate the process of preparing of a Security Controls Assessment (SCA) and obtaining Authority to Operate (ATO). Obtaining an ATO is typically part of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and is done before a system goes into operation. Because this is a legacy system, it is undergoing this process after years of operation.

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