Arch Clinical Enterprises (ACE) Group

The Arch Clinical Enterprises (ACE) Group helps Arch bridge the gap between clinical and IT knowledge that otherwise tends to exist in system development. Our diverse teams are cooperative, synchronized, and consequently able to produce exceptionally comprehensive results. Clinicians and IT experts work together at Arch to understand, analyze, and resolve complex healthcare challenges and produce value-based solutions for our customers.

ACE Group Core Capabilities

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Medical Reviews
  • Data Analytics
  • Portfolio of Resources for End-to-End Staffing Needs
  • Established Network of Healthcare IT Workers
  • In-house Quality Assurance and Testing with clinical user perspectives
  • Solutions reflecting clinical subject matter expertise in design and development efforts that meet the healthcare industry business user needs, best practices and standards

Our clinical staff has a combined clinical experience in excess of 40 years including an average of 8-10 years experience reviewing medical charts. This clinical experience spans the entire life spectrum as well as a vast and diverse cross-section of nursing. Our clinical experience includes, but is not limited to, woman’s health and obstetrics, ICU, acute care, telemetry, medical surgical, geriatric, home health, local care coordinator, surgical, and, PACU.

The ACE clinical staff also has experience with ICD-9, CPT coding, HCPCS codes, InterQual, concurrent and retro reviews. The clinical team regularly makes use of inter-rater reliability both prior to the execution of validations and randomly during validation.

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