We first met Vini in a spacious lobby to discuss a joint venture, and it’s a good thing the place was empty! Vini filled the air with a joy and an excitement for life and growth and new possibilities, and just sitting there with her filled all of those present with an anticipation at what could be. It’s now been several months that we’ve been working together, and every time we step into Arch headquarters, the atmosphere is the same: people are excited about the work they get to do and they love following Vini, a woman who not only sees hard work, but appreciates it and takes the time to thank her people, her team, for joining her on a software engineering adventure. It’s a rare company that can turn routine daily activities into something to be tackled, something to wrestle with, something to overcome. Arch is a place where magic literally happens, and we’re excited to watch them grow.

~ Natalie Daché ~ CMMI Consultant/Common Sense Solutions

…the customer is very happy with your work.
~ CMS Government Task Leader.

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