IT Planning

Arch’s experience in the IT Planning Phase of the SDLC helps to resolve issues with brilliant analysis and efficient responses. The business process models developed by Arch at CMS are used to identify key business stakeholders, business risks, security risks, high level business requirements, data exchanges, technical concept of operations, and cost estimates.

Arch Systems believes that IT planning provides the integral building blocks to excellent solutions. Arch staff has expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Requirements Management and Design Phase of the SDLC. This capability is extremely beneficial in achieving project goals and objectives. Arch has been involved in over 17 projects at Federal agencies in the IT planning phase for the past five years.

Past Performance

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Process Modeling

Department of Education

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Design

U.S. Census Bureau

  • Enterprise Architecture

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