Data Analytics

Installation & Configuration
  • Experience in deploying small/large scale Hadoop clusters.
  • Hadoop enables to create clusters of machines and coordinates work among them.
  • Clusters can be built and scaled out with inexpensive computers
Administering and managing the Hadoop core software packages
  • The Hadoop core software package includes the robust, reliable Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) - which splits user data across servers in a cluster and replication to ensure that even multiple node failures will not cause data loss.
  • The MapReduce – which is a parallel, distributed processing system designed for clusters of commodity, shared-nothing hardware. It offers clean abstraction between data analysis tasks and the underlying systems challenges involved in ensuring reliable large-scale computation .
  • Deploy algorithms to perform various tasks.
  • No special programming techniques are required to run analyses using Hadoop MapReduce; most existing algorithms work without changes.
  • Hadoop MapReduce takes advantage of the distribution, reliability and replication of data in Hadoop Distributed File System to spread execution of any job across many nodes in a cluster.
Some existing algorithms are in the following areas:
  • Recommendations or decision support
  • Log Processing – Application or web server, phone logs, help desk logs, etc.
  • Search

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