Education & Outreach

Arch provides necessary education and outreach to the qualifying and participating entities with national conference calls and training sessions followed by an open forum (Q&A) session.

Arch staff develops training materials and documentation for monthly support calls, webinars for Medicare stakeholders such as EHR vendors, Registries, Group Practices and Maintenance of Certification American Medical Boards. Technical support documentation such as tool navigation, obtaining object identifiers (OID) and technical assistance documentation for tool support.

Affordable Care Act

Arch has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise with the Affordable Healthcare Act projects. We have developed a multitude of materials for Affordable Healthcare Act projects. Such as:

  • Requirements specification documents
  • User Training Manuals
  • Technical Assistance Presentations
  • FAQs, Website Materials
  • Business Process Models
  • Concept Diagrams
  • Education & Outreach Technical Documents
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