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Arch provides a technical support help desk for Registries, EHR Vendors and Data Submission Vendors, Physician Quality Reporting System and Electronic Prescribing programs. Arch is currently using Remedy system for these CMS projects to manage tickets for group practices. Arch employees are well-trained to manage and administer Remedy systems. Additionally, Arch has deployed internal tools for efficiency and automation. For example, to track, manage and route trouble tickets among a large network of support contractors, the Arch team has created repeatable processes and implemented an automated trouble ticket tracking system to ensure effective and timely management of support during peak periods, such as the end of a testing cycle.

The web-based issue tracking system, which uses Altassian’s JIRA (developed in Java), was customized by the Arch team to track and manage all CMS issues, bypassing manual issue creation. A ticket can be created automatically by emailing it to the JIRA-associated address; thus, when the Arch team replies to a help desk inquiry, the response can be logged without having to open the web client.

The Issues Management tool has been developed with other features that greatly simplify tracking email traffic, allow the easy generation of statistics about the types of incoming issues, and show at-a-glance the number of open issues currently in the system.

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