HealthCare IT

IT Planning

Arch’s experience in the IT planning phases of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) at over 15 projects at CMS helps to position it well to iron out issues with comprehensive analysis and efficient responses, write technical and business documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Requirements and Design Specifications. Arch staff is expert at Requirements Gap Analysis which makes us highly qualified to perform IV&V and Quality Assurance projects. The business process models developed by Arch at CMS are used to identify key business stakeholders, business risks, security risks, high level business requirements, data exchanges, technical concept of operations, and cost estimates. Arch consultants have formed partnerships with internal organizations to facilitate the use of EA work products for business decision making to avoid redundant investments.

Software Development

Our people are some of the best and most creative engineers in the world. Whether your project needs a single engineer working on a single platform, or a team of engineers working across several disparate platforms, we have the knowledge, experience and creativity to tailor a custom software solution that works for you.

Data Integrity

Technical quality issues are generally easy to discover and correct, such as

  • Inconsistent standards in structure, format values
  • Missing data, default values
  • Spelling errors, data in wrong fields

Business quality issues are more subjective and are associated with business processes such as generating accurate reports, ensuring that data driven processes are working correctly. Business data quality measures like accuracy and correctness are subjective and need Subject Matter Expert (SME) involvement to assess data quality. Our staff consists of an integrated team of professionals who conceive, analyse and develop solutions for the toughest business and technical data quality issues.

Testing & QA / HelpDesk

Technical Assistance and Support- Arch provides technical assistance with testing file formats such as XML and Quality Reporting Data Architecture (QRDA) during the testing and data submission cycles of PQRS. Since data is accepted by PQRS only in the required file format and specifications, participating entities must be able to successfully submit data in the required format. Arch's involvement with the entities is paramount in supporting data submission.

Reporting - Arch staff provide detailed reports to CMS during the testing and data submission cycles to illustrate the number of entities that have successfully submitted data. Arch staff analyzes measures and report on outstanding file submissions to CMS. Analytics of this type helps the program to improve the program and quality reporting measures for future submissions.

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