Project Management

Project & Program Management

Project Management Activities

Arch Systems understands the need for efficient Project Management. Our Project Managers are PMI certified and use PMBOK-based processes. For this purpose, it is essential that the project status is available dynamically and in real-time to our clients, partners, project managers and staff. In an effort to automate project management documentation, Arch Systems has designed a proprietary solution, Zing

  • Plan and manage cost, schedule, and resources for the Program.
  • Maintain traceability between projects plans and requirements.
  • Establish agreements with supporting organizations.
  • Develop and maintains the PMP.
  • Direct and coordinates the activities of all of the program’s functional areas.
  • Interface with customer representatives on managerial and technical matters and coordinate activities of consultants.
  • Ensure requirements are agreed to by program participants.
  • Ensure the engineering groups/service providers coordinate and perform their activities in accordance with the organization’s standard procedures for engineering/services and management activities.
  • Identify and manage Program risks.
  • Develop corrective action plans.
  • Generate periodic status reports to the customer and the Arch Team senior management.
  • Conduct regular meetings with Program staff to review the performance of planned activities to assess progress, determine issues and problems, and ensure the Program is managed in accordance with the Program’s defined software processes.
  • Schedule, prepare, and conduct formal customer reviews as needed.
  • Identify Program training needs and communicate to the Arch Team senior management.
  • Ensure required funding is available to support the Program’s planned training.
  • Monitor customer acceptance of deliverables.
  • Establish agreements with the suppliers/subcontractors and tracks their cost, schedule, and technical progress.
  • Oversees transition of supplier/subcontractor deliverables

Performance Indicators

Arch Systems prides in managing and improving project work by following standard, repeatable and improving processes with performance indicators associated with all projects. Some key performance indicators are:

  • Show enthusiasm and commitment in assisting clients to achieve desired results
  • Our projects are managed on time and within budget
  • Innovative, cost-effective solutions
  • Focus on the conception, initiation, planning and the requirements phases of the SDLC as critical components to success

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