We see this as an incredible opportunity and important milestone in the history of Arch which aligns with our business plan and community pay back objectives” said Vini Ehsan, President of Arch Systems.

“This certification highlights our ongoing commitment to operating in an economically disadvantaged area, and to employ even more people while bringing more business to Baltimore City.

ARCH SYSTEMS, LLC Recognized Among 100 Regional Minority Businesses

Baltimore, MD – September 26, 2014. Arch Systems, LLC is proud to announce that Vini and Tariq Ehsan, President and Vice President have been selected to receive the prestigious Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Award. In its eighth year, this program is designed to acknowledge and pay tribute to outstanding women and minority business owners in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. An awards ceremony will take place at Memorial Hall in Baltimore, Maryland on October 23, 2014.

A panel of distinguished judges chose Arch Systems from 500 applications. Selection was based on entrepreneurs who demonstrated outstanding achievement in four key areas: entrepreneurship, client satisfaction, professional, and community contributions.

Arch Systems is honored to be recognized as one of the region’s Top 100 minority businesses, said Vini Ehsan, President of Arch Systems. “As a woman entrepreneur, I feel especially privileged in passionately serving the government with cost-effective and innovative solutions and services.”

Arch Systems, an 8(a) certified Woman Owned and Minority Owned Small Business has expanded to Baltimore City hub zone location to promote recruiting and staffing of people residing in this historically underutilized business zone. Arch has developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative, expert and quality Information Technology solutions and services to the Federal government since 2006. Currently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is our primary customer. Our objective is to grow within CMS and HHS to help reform healthcare with a capable workforce rising from the Baltimore city hub zone as well as to provide the other federal agencies with experienced staff and superior services from other parts of our country’s underutilized business zones.

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The Daily Record Interview with Vini Ehsan

Vini Ehsan was interviewed by The Daily Record regarding women-owned business in Maryland and how a new report shows that women-owned businesses in Maryland are growing faster than in any other state.

CMMI Maturity Level 3

November 25, 2013 - Arch Systems LLC announces that its Software Engineering group has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3.

An appraisal at maturity level 3 indicates the organization is performing at a “defined” level. At this level, processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The organization’s set of standard processes, which is the basis for maturity level 3, is established and improved over time.

CMMI is the result of more than 20 years of ongoing work at Carnegie Mellon University by members of the industry, government, and the Software Engineering Institute. Powered by Carnegie Mellon, the CMMI Institute is working to build upon CMMI’s success, advance the state of the practice, accelerate the development and adoption of best practices, and provide solutions to the emerging needs of busi-nesses around the world.

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