‘I’ is for every person in the Agile Digital World.

Introducing iHCD
iHCD integrates HCD Business Process Management with data aggregation, to provide every member of a development ecosystem with a place to collaborate, review and synthesize meaningful insights across your project and/or enterprise. The core of iHCD provides a unique environment that brings all project phases of the HCD process together. The integration of industry standard tools provides users with the ability to access the right tool for their specific task at the right time. Artifacts created during each HCD activity can be added directly to the project timeline and tagged both by the project team itself and by other projects within your organization that can leverage these valuable insights.

For HCD experts, iHCD delivers wide flexibility. Designers and researchers have the capability of specifying as complex or as simple a process as is needed, delegate these tasks throughout the team, and review findings through a single application.

iHCD’s key benefits:
● Integrated with effective HCD tools.
● Inclusive of your entire organization.
● Intuitive to learn from your data and support Artificial Intelligence.
● Intelligent platform and process to improve your HCD efforts.
● Interactive to speed collaboration and flexibility for all users.
● Insightful automated data management to ensure full project visibility and accelerated analytics.
● Innovative with latest secure cloud-based digital technologies.
● Integral for incorporating Government’s Agile, digital, & technology best practices.

For more about Product iHCD or to register as a beta user,
submit email inquiries to Sumera Rownak.