Leadership Roadmap for 2021 and Beyond: Women of Color Collaborating in Digital Modernization and Agile Delivery

Arch Systems, LLC would like to announce their plan for Executive Leadership restructuring with the hiring of Kimberly Green as VP, Digital Transformation – Rising Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Ms. Green brings extensive knowledge of end-to-end Federal and Commercial digital innovation implementations and contracting. Ms. Green’s background in healthcare administration and IT project management contributes a fusion of passions that are integral to Arch’s current and future initiatives. In her current role, Ms. Green will also be charged with ensuring that Arch’s mission of empowering under- represented groups is at the forefront of Arch’s growth.

In her own words, “As a Black woman, who has led Agile Delivery & Digital Transformations for the last 10 years, I’ve seen first-hand how having representation of diverse lived experiences contributes to improved product adoption and success. I am extremely excited to join a team that values and promotes diversity and is focused on helping solve problems in a simple and inclusive way.”
Ms. Green will work with current President and CEO of Arch Systems, Vini Ehsan, over the coming months to develop a transition plan and milestones to ensure success once she takes over the role of CEO. Arch is a fast-growing technology and solution delivery organization headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.
Arch is committed to changing the look of technology delivery and contracting in the Federal small business space by ensuring women of color have an opportunity to impact and lead. Vini Ehsan had the following to say about the transition, “It gives me the utmost pleasure to empower women in leadership roles by promoting diversity in the workplace through a smart human-centered idea approach. Leading with empathy is a value and promise to deliver for the good of human lives. Kim and I both share compassion towards common goals for the betterment of human lives. Together we will take Arch Systems to new highs! We need the support of government small business offices to leverage our experiences, capabilities, and innovations in Healthcare and Defense sectors. The success of enterprising and compassionate women of color is a multifaceted win for all communities.