Federal Government IT Market Sectors


Arch System, LLC has an excellent footprint in the healthcare industry, with contracts across the various federal agencies under the Department of Health and …

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We provide mission-critical services to the Department of Defense Armed forces. For example, Arch System has fulfilled the mission of the United States …

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National Security

Archers are supporting the Department of Homeland Security in many of its mission agencies which include the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) …

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Archers started their journey at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), with capabilities such as cloud ..

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Other Federal Civilian Agencies

Arch has a successful track record of supporting federal civilian agencies as they tackle the most complex challenges facing our country including the Department of Transportation …

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Regulatory, Compliance & Finance

Arch is currently supporting Joint Operations Center (JOC) Operations/Monitoring Room including the 16×5 Application. Monitoring, Intra-Day Workforce Management …

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Arch Galaxy The Archers

In the Arch Galaxy, Archers deliver Digital Transformation, IT Modernization, Cyber Security, and Data Science-related program improvements to Federal Customers. Archers also specialize in cloud IV&V Services, Testing, and DevSecOps. In the Arch Galaxy, agile methodologies are used daily to deliver quality solutions, on-time delivery, optimal resource utilization, and cost savings.

Archers are real-life superheroes! They don’t wear masks or capes. They are real people that don’t fly or swing from spiderwebs. They are super-talented people with empathy that solve real-world problems to improve the lives of people. Archers constantly conceive new ideas, analyze, and develop enduring technology solutions, and work smart to better human lives.”

The Top Workplaces 2022 by Baltimore sun Media

We are proud to announce that Arch systems has been named one of the Top Workplaces 2022 by Baltimore Sun Media. This award is based on the feedback of our employees, who have rated us highly on various aspects of our culture, values, leadership, and performance. Arch systems is a leading provider of innovative solutions for smart manufacturing, industrial IoT, and data analytics. We help our clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve quality. Our team consists of talented and passionate professionals who share a common vision of creating a better future for our industry and society.

We are grateful to our employees for their dedication, creativity, and collaboration. They are the reason why we are able to deliver exceptional results for our customers and partners. We are also thankful to Baltimore Sun Media for recognizing our efforts and achievements. We will continue to strive for excellence and innovation in everything we do. Thank you for being part of the Arch systems family!

We are celebrating our customer HRSA! We are humbled and honored to continue to serve the agency. Thanks Much to all who continue to support Arch!


Arch Systems

  • Data Science
    & Engineering
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotic Process Automation
  • Enterprise
  • Program Management
  • Healthcare IT
  • IT Services Delivery
  • Human Centered Design Services

Customers are Kings and Queens of our Galaxy A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.

-David J. Greer

Excerpts from Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)

Celebrating a decade full of achievements



  • CMMI L3 (CMMI-DEV) Development
  • CMMI L3 (CMMI-SVC) Services
  • Federal Approved Accounting System
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 27001
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& Awards

  • Recipient-Federal Health IT Innovations Awards 2017, 2018, and 2019
  • Recipient - Top 100 MBE Innovators Award
  • Inc. 5000 Award - 6 years (#61 on Inc 5000 in 2020
  • FAST 100 Asian American Business
  • Selected Top Maryland Small Business
  • Selected Top Baltimore Small Business

Innovations Awards

Quality Assurance Monitoring leveraging AWS

Arch Systems’ deep experience in creating and maintaining AWS infrastructure across the Federal landscape and with an “Innovations” focus developed a best- in-class system AWS cloud-based application, Communication Relational Assurance Database (CRAD) for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) that led to the Federal Health IT Innovation Award in 2019. Business Analysis helped establish a standardized Quality Assurance Monitoring (QAM) process for CMS, which involved the assessment of CMS business processes, best practices consulting and proposing future process improvements.

Increased real-time project transparency, communications, management, and reporting for QAM program stakeholders and team members. Arch provided cloud development services for Relational Assurance Database, fully implemented in the AWS cloud

Enterprise Architecture and Data Visualization

Arch Systems’ deep expertise in Enterprise Architecture enabled the overhaul and replacement of the old SSN-based Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN)- an earlier identifier on Medicare cards, with the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. The solution powered CMS’ goal of securing Medicare beneficiaries’ vital information. In addition, Arch support included the creation of a high-level data visualization solution using PowerBI and Tableau which captured key information related to stakeholders, key business processes involved, and the creation of a business node connection model depicting the information flows between key players in a project. Arch Systems has won FedHealth IT ‘Innovation Enterprise Architecture’ Digital Service Pilot award, in 2018 for the effort.

Arch’s senior Enterprise Architects were integral in facilitating and interviewing key stakeholders in 75 programs across the agency to gather relevant business and systems information. Our expertise in breaking IT silos and system modernization paves the path to our success.

Clinical Quality Measure-Specific Reporting Error Prediction Engine

Arch Systems demonstrated innovation by developing a Measure-Specific Reporting Error Prediction Engine (MSREPE) that analyzes clinical quality measure specifications to predict the extent of reporting errors that are expected for that measure which led to the Federal Health IT Innovation Award in 2017.

The project was focused on developing complex scientific models and applying intensive methodologies to validate the procurement, translation, transmission, and submission of data to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) Physician Quality Reporting System and Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program Data Validation (PQRS and eRx) Incentive Programs. The methodologies developed were in the areas of interview protocol, sampling, data analytics, data validation, and incorrect payments analysis.

The Data Validation efforts were comprised of distinct phases – Survey, Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Primary Source Verification (PSV), and Reporting. Our processes included sampling, surveys, data validation of large datasets against enormous clinical data repositories, and development of data analytics reports. Arch performed in-depth analyses of disparate data sources and reports, including national benchmarks and HHS data, to define the business rules for measure submission and validation. Arch used the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) model during the Data Analytics phase to govern the data lifecycle.

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