Arch Systems

IT Services Delivery

Arch Systems has assisted several customers across a variety of industries in successfully transforming their businesses in the digital world by effectively leveraging and orchestrating several cutting-edge, emerging technologies to enhance essential enterprise services and customer experience. With a clear road map and a shared vision, our unique methodologies enable a structured approach to achieve the required transformation. Arch’s  Digital experts assist in the development of a solid and practical strategy for rapidly innovating, disrupting, and accelerating its customers’ businesses to expand.

Emerging Technologies

Arch will collaborate with customers to develop a thorough understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by new emerging technologies in the areas to include but not limited to Low Code NO Code platform, advanced analytics, AI/ML, telecom. As well as we provide innovative solutions on how to apply these technologies to effectively transform and improve business performance. Our experts will collaborate closely with customers at all stages of transformation programme where Arch provides increasing security that all people, processes, and technology are digitally transformed.

Arch will perform Process Discovery to define, map, analyze and identify sequences of tasks that can be streamlined using technology and workflow automation to identify opportunities for Business process. Our process discovery helps to discover the fastest route to set up workflows within Business Process Automation. We dive deeper into the process and individual task-level insights using Visual Workflows and Business Analytics. With this method, we can identify the path for business process automation; this method is most effective and allows us to view, and evaluate business processes more quickly, continuously learn new business processes, and automate continuous operations. We consider how important it is for people, processes, and technology to operate together during the design, testing, use, and continuous monitoring of the automated business process. We connect day to day business operations to a clearly defined activity, determining if a process is repetitive, the amount of human intervention and decision-making necessary, and the sophistication, we will evaluate the level of automation. We consider the difficulties the US market sectors face regarding quality, safety, and efficiency. To solve these issues, we examine case studies from other businesses that have effectively used business process automation and apply the lessons learned from those experiences.

Additionally, Arch’s Robotic Process Automation, a centre of excellence, SME’s take responsibility in assisting and identifying the business processes and provide a solution to transition to RPA. We identify strategies with clear documentation-driven instructions, use decision-making based on standard business workflows, and produce reporting based on a defined hierarchy. With RPA, Team Arch can design the bots to handle tasks that have clear formulation in conditional format.