Arch Systems

Data Science & Engineering

Arch has developed its in-house Defect Prediction tool named rAI using machine learning and advance analytics to provide a defect detection mechanism that helps predict defects that might arise in future sprints and releases. Arch DataOps approach is more than data catalog or ETL. Arch provides end-to-end data management and governance to real time data streaming. The data- centric approach helps businesses to build a data culture for data-driven conversations to deliver business outcomes. A human-centered design with data understanding and reasoning along with user research, experience, and personal insights. Innovating and automating processes with machine learning and deep learning, enriching customer Insights, and cost optimization.
Arch Systems Data Science

Data Lakes

Arch systems have proven dexterity in the field of Data Science embracing Databricks (Apache Spark) platform for creating Delta lake, Lakehouse, and MLOps frameworks. We provide complete Data Science life cycle services-

  • Data Mining & Analytics
  • Big Data Processing & Analytics
  • Data Management Services
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Assessment , Validation & Verification

Data Mining & Analytics

Demonstrated experience in data pre-processing, data cleaning, integration, selection, and data extraction – occurrence of exact data mining to data evaluation and presentation.

Big Data Processing And Analytics

Our scalable enterprise insights platform accelerates business outcomes with data and analytics – right from data ingestion , data transformation and data analysis to advanced analytical modeling.

Data Management Services

Data governance , collection , storage , retrieval and utilizing data securely , efficiently and cost-effectively unifying big data stream processing with AI, ML real-time analytics .

Business Analytics

Our BA tools and services will help you understand both, the current situation in your business and areas to improve in decision-making and plan better.

Data Assessment, Validation & Verification

Thorough assessment improves the quality of data of your sales and marketing databases through data validation and data verification .