Arch Systems

Cloud Solutions

Cloud infrastructure services include designing, deploying, monitoring, supporting, and optimizing your cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure. We at Arch offer Cloud Migration, Cloud Strategy & Design, Cloud Analytics, Cloud Optimization and Cloud Infrastructure services. With dedicated management services, Arch ensures high performance, availability and scalability of cloud infrastructures on all the three big Kahunas cloud hosting today (AWS, Azure & Google). Arch has been in cloud services since 2012, we ensure that businesses leverage all-around cloud benefits – reduced costs, streamlined delivery, optimal performance, high reliability and security, and more. Arch with extensive experience and expertise to deliver you a high-performance engine would be your cloud development partner. We have large client experience with the big three cloud-based providers: AWS, Azure, and Google.

Arch Systems Cloud Solution

Document Management Services (DMS)

Document sharing & collaboration are much easier and more accurate with our cloud based DMS.

Data lake & Streaming

Our experience helps in creating data lakes and customizing the right size of the cloud resources for better cost savings.

Cloud Security

Identity Access Management (IAM), Role-based access control (RBAC)) & Encryption of data at rest and in-flight – ensure integrity, safety, and confidentiality.

Splunk Integration & Auditing

The Splunk integration enables data to be logged based on the configured event trigger, ensuring system resilience and security. Splunk can help in applying security/audit logic in various detective controls to aggregate IT data to one place, make simple sense of the data, and apply relationship logic to what might appear to be a standard operational issue.

Terraform Infrastructure as a code (IaC)

Terraform is a tool used for changing, building, and versioning infrastructure efficiently and safely.

Cloud Migration

Scale faster and improve time to market. Be it legacy app modernization or using serverless architecture, we help simplify your migration and help your business gain flexibility and scalability.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Speed up the creation of new apps, improve existing ones, and connect them all. We use technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, serverless functions, APIs, and Kafka to enable contemporary application development.

Cloud Consulting

We analyze & understand your current IT environment, possible architecture solutions, and road map and assess the cloud readiness of your business applications. Help you identify the right public cloud & services for your applications to help you minimize your cost.