Civi & Milgov

Arch Systems Data Science

Our Objective

A Forum whereby minority owned small businesses are able to present Innovations to the government, meaningfully network and partner with each other, provide an opportunity for small business startups to work with other established small businesses, and thrive in a community-based symbiotic environment. The MIC is a collaborative between small businesses and the government. It is a platform where opinions are heard. It is not a social media forum. It is a place where people get to understand the government’s business needs through interactive sessions between small business groups across areas of interest, new ideas and innovations and opportunities of presentation.

Benefits for Small Businesses

It is a forum where small businesses are able to talk about innovations, new methodologies and new products. Where they can present cost-effective methods to open doors for innovations, showcase new technologies and solutions, network with other small businesses for strategic innovations and partnerships, engage with the government through small focus groups, ensuring short-term and long-term benefits.

  • Engage in interactive sessions with the government.
  • Stop wasting time and money in large audio/video seminars and summits across multiple forums.
  • Engage in a small business centric innovations forum rather than conferences led primarily by large businesses. In essence, no wasting hard-earned dollars on business development resources without any concrete ROI.
  • Present your innovations to the government, help small businesses mature and find other small business partners.
  • Network to create strategic relationships with other small businesses.

Benefits for the Government

Save time, save taxpayer money, talk to groups of small business Innovators, select business problems that affect small businesses, conduct market research, talk about government needs. One- on- one meetings are redundant, not focused on business requirements, and aren’t long enough innovations to be discussed. The government needs a forum where multiple small businesses can provide a round table of innovations for a particular problem. There is also a dire need to save time and cut costs. It is also important to note that the government needs to be heard. Government participation in large forums or social media platforms including webinars and other events does not usually result in interactive sessions where small businesses are given the liberty to raise queries or express opinions or to present any innovations to the government.

Benefits for Large Businesses

In a nutshell , this is where you get to foster business relationships with small business and innovators.

  • Engage in interactive conversations with small businesses
  • Stop wasting time in large audio/video seminars and summits across multiple forums.
  • Engage in a small business centric innovations forum rather than conferences.
  • Meet your subcontracting goals for socio-economic categories for small businesses.