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New Small Business Alliances formed for some leading GovCon companies in FY 2022

by Vini Ehsan 

The competitive landscape for the GovCon IT & Consulting sector is made up of an ever-changing array of Prime contractor and subcontractor partner options, as companies ally themselves with a mix of small and large partners who can help them win and deliver on the important missions of the Federal agencies they serve.  

Included below the OrangeSlices AI team highlights more than 170 new and strategic arrangements made by some of the top Federal IT and Consulting firms across the Federal Civilian and DOD sectors in FY 2022, to include many of the leading consultancies from across CMS, VA, HHS, DHS, NOAA, Treasury and a number of other Federal Civilian and DOD Agencies and Bureaus. 

The winds can change quickly, so from a competitive standpoint it is important to regularly review which large, mid-tier and emerging small businesses are creating alliances, and with whom. One example of a formal declaration of a partnership comes in the form of the popular Small Business Administration (SBA) mentor protégé arrangement, whereby an emerging small business creates a tighter bond with a mentor company and should be viewed as a likely go-to potential partner option (Prime or sub) for the respective mentor.  

The SBA Mentor Protégé Program is a well utilized program intended to help eligible small businesses (protégés) gain capacity and win government contracts through partnerships with more experienced companies that are willing to fill the mentor role. It will come as no surprise that many highly successful government contractors and mentors came up through the program themselves.